A bandana belt is a great thing to have, or to gift!

No matter where you go or who you are, it seems like everyone needs belts in their life.

For work and events you may need nice leather belts, or classy looking belts. But what kind of belt is fun and comfortable for a day out on the town, or a picnic in the park?

Why not one made out of bandanas!?


Our bandana belts are completely adjustable, and they come in several different sizes/lengths!


We have many different colors, all of which are listed on our website, and you can pick up to two colors for your custom belt! We have been trying out some new colors recently. Peach and Mint are our two favorites. They seems to brighten up just about anything- check them out here!


Our belts all have a D ring closure for more comfort. This closure type also makes the belts more adjustable to you! There are two layers of bandana with interfacing in between them to make the belts more substantial. These bandana belts are one of our most beloved products!

All of our products are made by Mimi, our business owner. Our home base is located in the foothills of western North Carolina.

Stay tuned for more news and stories from the Bandana Market as we head out on new adventures!

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