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1-color purses: Color 1 is used for the bag body, strap and flap. The purse looks the same when reversed.

2-color purses: Color 1 and Color 2 are complementary colors. The purse completely displays Color 1 on one side, and when reversed, shows Color 2 as the accent color to the dominant Color 1.

Purses are approximately 8 ½” x 8 ½” x 1 ½”. The cross-body strap is approximately 50” long.

See Bandana Colors



Reversible Bandana Purses are pieced together from 100% cotton bandanas. I’ve been making Bandana products for 20 years and this is the shop for Original bandana products.

Show your school spirit with a custom Bandana Market item using your school’s colors. Or the colors of your favorite team. Choose two bright colors for the teen in your life. Or pick vibrant colors to offset your summer tanks.

Note: Due to the variations of printed bandanas (size, shape, printing, design etc), each Bandana Market item will be unique.

Bandanas have long symbolized a free-spirited nature, and your Bandana Market item will reflect this in style and design


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